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Features supermarkets need in self-service coin counters

Features supermarkets need in self-service coin counters

Not all self-service coin counters are created equal, which is why supermarkets should do plenty of research before making an investment. Different machines sport unique features and technologies. When you finally settle on a model, make sure it's top-of-the-line. 

Tips for finding the right coin-counting machine

Of course, knowing what you're looking for in a coin-counting machine is half the battle. As you weigh your options, check out these tips for ensuring you're getting the best unit for your business:

Look for accuracy
Perhaps the most important feature of any self-service coin counter is accuracy. Your customers expect a fair exchange for the coins they've been carefully saving, and incorrect amounts could lead customers away. Keep them coming back by getting a machine you can trust. The Money Machine 2 from Cummins Allison has state-of-the-art coin discernment, ensuring a correct sum.

Calculate your ROI
With rent, buy and lease options available, Cummins Alison makes outfitting your supermarket with a self-service coin counter easy. Figure out which option is best for your business by determining the return on investment. While purchasing a machine might be a large upfront costs, you'll get all of your earnings from the machine. On the other hand, renting has a lower barrier of entry. 

Go for speed
Your customers come to your supermarket for many reasons, so they don't want to spend their whole shopping trip in front of the coin machine. Pick a model that process change quickly so they can get their return and spend their money on other items in your store. The Money Machine 2 processes as many as 4,100 coins per minute.

Make it easy
Both you and your customers want a self-service coin counter that makes the whole process simpler. For patrons, the machine should be intuitive so they don't have to figure out how to work it. For you and your staff, the counter should be easy to maintain and service. Switching out coin bags in the Money Machine 2 is fast with only a single clearing screen.

Ensure the fit
Space is important in any retail environment, and your supermarket is no exception. Extra space can be filled with more goods and services that help bring in money. To optimize the room you have, get a self-service coin counter that's compact. A machine with a small footprint is ideal for the nooks available in your store.

March 8, 2017