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Coin counting machines leave a positive impression on grocery store shoppers

Coin counting machines leave a positive impression on grocery store shoppers

Grocery stores and supermarkets that offer access to self-service coin counters can attract more patrons and develop more loyal customer relationships. Businesses in the food industry don't have to limit their options when it comes to offering additional services beyond an abundance of inventory. In fact, Financial Brand, an online publication, indicated shoppers make a habit out of frequenting their neighborhood grocers for weekly trips. With such a steady routine, these businesses can maximize long-term revenue by making it possible for patrons to complete more than one errand during a quick trip to the store.

Coin counting machines help businesses communicate convenience to customers
The amenities available at a grocery store or supermarket often have subtle impacts on overall shopper behavior. David Lewis, the author of "The Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping," wrote in the online publication Progressive Grocer about the cognitive processes shoppers experience when they are browsing the aisles of a business. The way an establishment is designed can directly influence the perception of convenience patrons associate with the company.

Similar concepts extend to the presence of self-service coin counters on site. When customers are aware of the opportunity to access certain financial services at the same place they buy groceries every week, they will likely have a more positive impression of the store as a whole. Individuals want their neighborhood shops to be a source of convenience and community. By leveraging this concept, businesses in the grocery and supermarket industry can create more in-store traffic. Additionally, these companies will be able to improve long-term customer retention rates when people understand that they can convert the loose change they have on hand into cash while also making a routine shopping trip. Investing in these additional services will help any company stay ahead in a competitive local market. 

May 7, 2014