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Coin counting machines increase grocery store traffic

Coin counting machines increase grocery store traffic

As the grocery landscape becomes increasingly more complex, stores can use self-service coin counters to encourage more traffic. While online grocery shopping is not extremely popular in the current environment, retailers worry it will eat away from their market share in the near future. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores need to find competitive ways to engage their target customers.

It isn't just online grocery retail either. According to Business Insider, the industry is undergoing one of the most dramatic changes since the 1940s. In the past, people typically bought all their food from one store, and consumers are moving away from this model and purchasing goods through multiple channels. In the 1990s, the rise of supercenters where individuals could purchase everything they needed were a major threat to grocery stores and supermarkets. Because consumer behavior has changed so much in a relatively short time, grocery stores need new ways to attract shoppers.

Providing convenience for customers can make a huge difference
Physical grocery stores can offer something that online retail can't: top-notch customer service. Even though more online delivery options are cropping up in many big cities, a quality in-store experience can act as a competitive differentiator, CNBC reported. 

Because of the proliferation of online grocery delivery options, many consumers are starting to express a preference for self-service channels, even when they shop at a traditional retailer. Grocery stores can accommodate these preferences with coin counting machines. This offering boosts customer experience and prevents shoppers from having to make a separate trip when they want to get cash from their loose change. This is one way grocers can handle the changing retail landscape to stay competitive and maintain high store traffic, which will become increasingly important as online options gain popularity.

August 8, 2014