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Coin-counting machines help supermarkets fill a timeless niche

Keeping up with fast-moving trends in the food industry is a tall order, but self-service coin counters help supermarkets fortify their locations with a timeless service.

In the past several years, consumers demonstrated an interest in organic, locally-grown produce over more industrial alternatives. Many also started cooking more meals at home as opposed to buying prepared meals at the grocery store. The list goes on, and it's not always easy for managers of store chains to keep up with the constant shifts in preferences and trends.

Phil Lempert wrote in an opinion piece for Progress Grocer about the high cost these fast-moving food trends can have on grocery store management. Not only do brands have to research trends to understand how to market them effectively, but they also have to physically update store layouts to leverage interest and maximize sales. With so many new ideas and interests popping up on a seemingly daily basis, it's hard to blame stores for thinking they may rather sit on the sidelines in certain instances.

In a way, self-service coin counting machines allow supermarkets and grocery stores to do just that. Naturally, every business has a responsibility to keep up to date with marketing trends and best practices. But giving customers access to timeless services is an effective way to get people to keep coming back, regardless of what's getting the most attention in the industry.

People will always need ways to get more spending money, and few methods are as reliable as collecting loose change and turning it into cash. Installing these machines throughout the store gives customers a good reason to visit, no matter what their needs or interests.

June 24, 2016