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Coin counting machines give grocery stores a competitive edge

Coin counting machines are one of many reasons people frequent grocery stores.

Clearly the first intention of people who go to supermarkets is to stock up on groceries, but retailers that have these machines inside their venues give shoppers another reason to choose them over a competitor.

From people who want to trade in their jar of coins for some cold hard cash to parents who want to teach their young children about the value of saving or money conversion, many different consumers understand the value of a coin counting machine. It makes sense for grocery stores to have these machines on site because it gives customers an opportunity to convert their spare change into dollar bills, which they might choose to use in the store shortly after getting their money converted.

These machines are an excellent addition to a store's customer service, and Cummins Allison technology can count as quickly as patrons can pour coins into the machine, meaning there won't be any long lines. 

"We didn't realize how slow our original coin counters were until we saw the Money Machine 2 in action," said Dennis Maxwell, director of advertising and branding for Reasor's, said.

Coin counting machines are also cost-efficient. The machines are small enough that retailers can be put in other features such as ATMs, photo booths and postal services that will make money for the business. This means grocery stores that integrate coin counting machines into their environments will significantly increase their opportunities to earn money as consumers are drawn to the store to access this convenient device.

Stores looking to further their relationship with their customers should consider putting one of these machines in their store. It's a great way to build trust and credibility among consumers, and it will help a retailer's bottom line.

January 20, 2017