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Coin counting machines can help grocery stores improve branding

Branded coin counting machines help enhance the grocery store experience.

Self-service coin counters can be important assets to grocery stores everywhere. They provide an enriching effect for stores, since people who come with loose change may use the ensuing cash to pay for extra groceries. They can serve as an essential addition to the shopping experience for shoppers all around. Establishing grocery shopping as an event can have distinct advantages in boosting the store's branding, which in turn builds up customer loyalty. A supermarket brand is increasingly important in today's intensely competitive industry, so doing whatever is possible to stand out from the rest is a crucial strategy.

Branded coin counting machines improve the shopping experience

Traditionally grocery stores bolstered their brands through Sunday pull-out advertisements in the newspaper. However, as readership of papers declines and the world becomes more connected through mobile devices, image-based marketing tactics like pull-out are no longer effective. Instead, the focus is more on the actual shopping experience than on the related visuals. A sensory experience can enhance how shoppers feel about their in-store experiences.

A great example of this is Trader Joe's, as noted by loyalty expert Simon Unwins in a column for Supermarket News. Outside of their opt-in Fearless Flyer sent by mail, Trader Joe's barely does any advertising. Instead, they focus on what happens inside the store. The signs are hand-drawn, Hawaiian shirts are a common theme, employees ask for assistance by ringing a bell, among many other aesthetic and experiential actions. All these combine to form a pleasant trip to the store that customers feel excited about.

One of the key lessons here is that is branding should be clear and distinct, something that the customers will identify immediately as something they should care about. Second, employees should be the heralds of the brand, representing it in every shape and fashion. Finally, make sure that everything in the store stands for the brand. The private-label products, brand communication and store environment should represent the whole store. This extends to coin counting machines. Most machines can be branded to fit specifically within the grocery store's aesthetic. By following this approach, the machines not only stick out less than before, but they also become a part of the whole shopping experience, compelling customers to use them.

August 21, 2015