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Coin counting machines can help grocery rebranding efforts

Grocery stores can rebrand coin counting machines to entice customers.

Self-service coin counters often fill many roles for supermarkets. However, many stores don't realize the machines can serve as a form of marketing at the store. In-store branding is a useful tool in any situation, especially when it's a machine that stays put over an extended period of time. It's been consistently proven that a consistent brand throughout a grocery store can enliven the shopping experience. Deploying a brand, even for a brief period of time, on a coin counting machine can make a significant impact on how shoppers perceive the supermarket.

New branding means higher prominence for self-service coin counters

Supermarkets can realize the marketing potential of coin counting machines during a company or banner rebranding. It's a time when supermarket chains can start fresh in terms of visual image. With a new look and a change of the values and mission of the company, there's an opportunity for growth in the right places. By making the new branding clear and overt, a grocery store gives a distinct impression to customers, attracting first-timers while respecting older clientele.

Roundy's Supermarkets, based in Wisconsin, with stores in that state and the Chicagoland area, is doing precisely that. According to Supermarket News, the grocery chain's largest banner, Pick 'n Save, is in the midst a rebranding strategy that includes new store signage, employee uniforms and in-store products. The "Wisconsin Proud" branding emphasizes the supermarket's close relation with its home state. The company rolled out the new brand to stores in the Milwaukee area, and early signs indicate success with performance exceeding the rest of the chain. The company sees this rebranding as part of an effort to stem losses from competitors entering its home markets. In fiscal year 2015, the brand will face at least 11 competitive opens in the state, likely impacting their bottom line.

Competition is a good reason to rebrand, especially as the dynamics of the situation affects the bottom line. In this event, grocery stores should ensure their branding is consistent throughout the entirety of the store. Self-service coin counters enable that function by enabling stores to place their livery on each machine. When customers enter, they understand the vision stores intend to create and won't feel confused. They get a shopping experience that is unique and beneficial to them and the store. In addition, they have the opportunity to get some extra money for some of the new products through their loose change.

September 25, 2015