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Coin counting machines can counteract constantly shifting brands

Self-service coin counters can restore brand normalcy.

The panels on a self-service coin counter provide more than just protection for the internal machinery. They present a great marketing opportunity, especially for branding efforts. They can visualize what a grocery store stands for in terms of its products and services. A panel can feature the high-quality meats one can get at the deli department, for example. If there's a national promotion with a major food label, the promotional material placed on these coverings can highlight this partnership. Most importantly though, as a viable asset in a physical store that changes hands frequently, they can serve as a promoter of a new or returning brand.

With auction of various supermarkets, self-service coin counters can herald returning brands

One of the most significant moves in the food retail industry recently was the merger of Albertsons and Safeway. In order to fulfill antitrust requirements, Albertsons had to sell more than 100 stores in the southwestern U.S. Haggens, based in Oregon, was the prime beneficiary of this sale, adding 147 stores to its original roster of 17. Unfortunately, the company went in over its head, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Sept. 2015 after nine months of tumult since acquiring the new stores due to non-cooperation and lack of liquidity, according to Supermarket News.

Haggens now intends to sell every single store in its holdings as part of bankruptcy proceedings, including those it initially had before the acquisition. The first auction in early November 2015 sold 55 stores, raising more than $47 million. The second, involving 47 storefronts in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington, received approval later that month. The most interesting thing about this particular sale was the winning bidder of the majority of supermarkets in this case was Albertsons. Many of these were originally sold by the latter company as part of the Safeway merger. While this would raise anti-competition concerns, the Federal Trade Commission told Supermarket News that it had no objections to the retailer recovering these properties, citing that many of them had no other competitive bids.

Such a quick turnaround between consumers may cause people's heads to spin from the confusion. It's in the best interest of supermarkets to make clear the return of their brands through effective marketing. Self-service coin counters can help address this concern by providing branding through panels and their on-screen displays. With effective promotion, consumers will revert to their old habits, benefiting the grocery stores.

January 14, 2016