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Coin counting machines attract new moms to natural grocery stores

New mothers will benefit from self-service coin counters at natural food stores.

Self-service coin counters attract a lot of customers to supermarkets of all kinds. The idea of saving your change is a common-sense tradition that dates back to the Great Depression, when every cent counted. It's a great way to teach people the value of money, even in small amounts. When customers can convert all those coins into cash, it's a benefit for many of them. More importantly, stores can identify revenue opportunities in the form of sales flyers next to the machines so visitors can get ideas for their newfound money. This helps ensure they earn more both directly and indirectly.

Natural food stores can offer self-service coin counters to entice first-time mothers

A unique customer opportunity comes in the form of new moms. They're often unfamiliar with the concepts of child care and seek out ways to mold their rearing abilities into something they can apply throughout their motherhood. Natural food stores have a distinct advantage in that they can demonstrate the benefits of eating naturally early in life. In promoting this philosophy, these stores have the ability to attract these mothers early on so they remain loyal customers throughout the course of their sons' and daughters' childhoods.

Lisa Mabe-Konstantopoulos, a public relations expert specializing in the natural retail sector, offered advice in a column for Supermarket News to better attract these health-conscious moms. First, stores should de-stress new mothers by making the shopping experience less frantic. That means incorporating parking spaces reserved for these women, wider shopping lanes, and special seats for infants and toddlers. After making things easier for these moms, the next step is to emphasize healthy choices through branding efforts such as mom-centric visual merchandising. Even a special section dedicated to expectant or recent mothers can go a long way toward promoting this key audience's importance.

From there, branding efforts should help the mothers feel like they're not alone in their journey. A complimentary shopping bag with healthy samples for them and their children demonstrates a sense of commitment to them as customers. Next, because they may feel uncertain about aspects of child-rearing, educational sessions that focus on healthy eating can help them become more informed consumers. Education can extend to branding efforts on store products and services. The stores can use self-service coin counters to emphasize to moms the importance of being frugal, as well as eventually teaching their young ones the value of money.

December 21, 2015