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Coin counters help credit unions remain competitive

Coin counters help credit unions remain competitive

Among the various benefits that consumers can expect to experience when they join a credit union, value-added service through products and technology like self-service coin counters is at the top of the list.

According to a recent article for Bankrate, there are more than 7,000 credit unions in the U.S., which means there's a lot of competition to attract consumers. What's more, data from the Credit Union National Association indicated there were 1.3 million new members who signed up at a credit union in 2014. Each financial institution provides various levels of service based on its capabilities, which consumers use to judge whether to join.

Self-service coin counters underscore focus on members

"The Cummins Allison Money Machine® 2 is able to process up to 4,100 coins per minute - an industry-leading feature."

A big reason why people join a credit union is the priority these institutions place on service. In a recent Prime Performance Bank and Credit Union Customer Satisfaction Survey, the overall satisfaction rate at credit unions was 89 percent, which is seven points above other organizations in the financial service industry.

One of the main ways that credit unions are able to do this is by integrating tools like self-service coin counters. These valuable tools can be placed in the lobby of credit union in high-traffic areas, drawing more members. They can take advantage of a resource like the Cummins Allison Money Machine® 2 self-service coin counter, which is able to process up to 4,100 coins per minute - an industry-leading feature. The counters also come equipped with user-friendly touch screens that help guide members through their transactions without hiccups.

In addition, U.S. News & World Report explained credit unions excel at providing members with information through seminars and other financial industry advice. Credit unions also demonstrate a focus on member services through their technological investments. With tools like self-service coin counters, credit unions can differentiate themselves in a highly competitive industry.

February 11, 2015