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Coin counters give pennies new life

It seems everyone hates pennies, from business owners to consumers and lawmakers. Coin counters could provide some help to businesses looking to give the coin a second purpose, however, or at least a more useful one.

While pennies tend to weigh down pockets and purses and often just end up sitting in tip jars if they aren't simply thrown away, the penny doesn't look like it is dying or going to accrue greater value anytime soon. So, what can you do with all those coppery pieces?

Boost tip jar contributions

It may be tempting to dump all of a wallet's loose change into tip jars at local coffee shops and cafes. At coffee shops, where tipping etiquette can be confusing, getting rid of all of that change may seem like the best choice. It's that, or in many cases, no tips at all.

As a result, savvy business owners can be a bit forward and ask patrons to rid themselves of their pennies. By encouraging customers to tip with their pennies, shoppers won't feel guilty about only throwing in a few cents. In fact, with the ball rolling, they might throw in some even bigger change.

While this is a great way for small businesses and employees to receive a bit extra for their service, adding and divvying up jars full of coins still will fall to an unlucky employee. Fortunately, there are more efficient ways to tally and total the efforts of a penny drive.

Coin counters streamline penny drives

Coin counters make it simple and easy to turn jars of pennies into rewards and recognition for your front-counter employees. Using a coin counter makes the whole process that much quicker. Consider this: Retail coin counters and sorters can handle upwards of 2,200 coins per minute. That could be very well be the whole jar and then some.

With easy and simple technologies to help quickly and accurately handle counting and sorting needs for businesses and their fundraisers, there's no reason why tip jar drives cannot become a regular initiative. Customers will likely be happy to show their appreciation, and there's a very good chance employees will want to reciprocate through even better service. This will make coin sorting and counting machines a smart investment for any local business that wants to give its front-counter employees an extra reason to smile.

June 23, 2016