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Coin counters are great for donation drives and charity efforts

Coin counters are great for donation drives and charity efforts

Collecting coins is always an effective donation option, and self-service coin counters can help with this pursuit. Whether it is a local dance marathon for charity, a community bake sale, or a teacher-student donation drive for better toys and supplies in the classroom, coin collection can prove as a valuable community resource for generating donations. Best of all, using a coin counting machine inside a bank branch can help turn those hard-earned pennies into cash for charities, schools, churches and other types of businesses. Coin drives are effective for smaller institutions, and local banks and credit unions would be more than happy to help by providing safe and reliable self-service coin counting machines.

Are coin drives effective?

According to Family Education, raffles and bake sales tend to be the most popular forms of fundraising available in schools and small communities. However, on a university and local business scale, luncheons, galas, alumni nights and 5K runs tend to be the most popular forms of fundraising. Although these forms of fundraising are arguably more prominent, communities can still organize coin drives that will help both the charity or organization at hand and local banks or credit unions.

Consider the idea of a small business or local charity with limited funding looking to purchase new office chairs. The company could organize a weekly coin drive and coin jars in each department to raise the appropriate money over the course of a month. Then, a company representative can take the jars to a local credit union or bank institution to cash the rewards at self-service coin counters. Consumers will enjoy the feeling of their coins turning into cash. They will also feel tempted to utilize other services the bank offers. Such options include opening an account, applying for a loan and withdrawing or depositing checks or cash orders.

Should your bank include a coin counter?

Local banks and credit unions should include self-service coin counters and coin counting machines for a multitude of reasons. First, a branch will serve an ongoing niche because individuals will always need cash to make quick purchases. Second, it draws the consumer into the bank branch and engages them with the brand and product. Lastly, it gives organizations and charities the opportunity to see their donation drives succeed by turning their coins into usable funds.

April 4, 2016