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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners make tax season more efficient

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners make tax season more efficient

With tax season underway, states and municipalities can make the process simpler and more efficient by investing in dual-purpose cash and check scanners. This year, tax season may be a more daunting task than it was in the past. For one, companies and individual citizens are required to provide extra reporting when they file their taxes due to the Affordable Care Act.

Another issue that will slow the process is fraud prevention measures. For example, WDAY TV, an NBC affiliate in North Dakota, reported the state's Tax Commissioner, Ryan Rauschenberger, is taking extra steps to detect identity theft as residents file their taxes, which means people will need to wait longer to receive their refunds. Not only will refunds be delayed, but the processing and depositing of payments will take much longer.

The fact of the matter is tax fraud is on the rise. As CNNMoney pointed out, the IRS recently unveiled a new plan to combat this trend. In the case of North Dakota, dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a wise investment that enables leaders to take necessary precautionary measures without slowing the process further.

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a necessary technology

Tax season certainly sheds light on the role technology plays helping cities and states operate more efficiently, especially with regard to gathering revenue. However, dual-purpose cash and check scanners can benefit state-, county- and city-wide operations long after taxes are paid and refunds are submitted. For one, these machines are equipped with counterfeit detection software, which is crucial considering the rapid growth and advancement of fake currency in our economy. Beyond that, there are a number of advantages this technology provides:

  • Allows staff to use their time more efficiently and focus on more crucial tasks, as the technology can scan 400 checks per minute.
  • Decreased equipment maintenance costs and training time.
  • Enables city, county and state leaders to automate basic operations, lower their headcounts and process transactions more quickly.

Tax season is a sensitive time for governmental leaders and citizens alike. Tax commissioners must do an efficient and accurate job collecting revenue and administering refunds, and residents are eager to have the weight off their shoulders. To add to the stress, tax fraud and counterfeit money are very real concerns that can slow the process tremendously. However, by employing dual-purpose cash and check counters, leaders can make the entire process a success.

March 10, 2016