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Check scanners offer an easy way to boost back office productivity

Technology such as dual purpose cash and check scanners will be especially useful for small and medium-sized retailers as they position themselves to experience growth in 2014.

According to the Associated Press, finding ways to incorporate new, productivity-boosting tools into the workplace is a source of major frustration for firms. These days, enterprise technology is advancing at a rapid pace, meaning certain solutions may become outdated by the time managers are able to introduce them into their own business.

However, stores can no longer afford to ignore the need to apply more efficient practices into the back office. A recent article published by Business 2 Community highlighted the fact that today's retail market requires managers to pay close attention to keeping their operations as lean and efficient as possible. This doesn't mean the best solution is to haphazardly cut costs without regard to long-term consequences. The best way to go about maximizing productivity typically involves creating new value by getting rid of waste.

Many stores can easily identify waste in their daily activities by focusing on the process of depositing checks. This is often one of the most time-consuming tasks of any retail operation, and simple investments in technology can offer an alternative that ends up saving a substantial amount of money.

Consumers have already indicated they are feeling much more positive about their ability to spend freely in 2014. The National Association of Convenience Stores released its latest monthly "Consumer Fuels Survey" and found 43 percent of American shoppers are feeling optimistic about overall economic conditions. That number is the highest measurement since July 2013. As people feel comfortable spending more money, dual purpose cash and check scanners will play a major role in helping businesses maintain maximum productivity throughout the year. 

January 22, 2014