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Check scanners help nonprofits handle funds for natural disaster victims

People have a natural instinct to help others in times of need. With advancements in technology and the rapid pace at which information spreads around the globe, Americans now have opportunities to help people anywhere from within their own neighborhoods to entirely different countries. Nonprofit organizations that develop fundraising campaigns to help victims of severe weather events recover can benefit from investing in advanced check scanner machines.

A variety of storms and other natural disasters have ravaged many parts of the world in recent months. Most recently, a series of tornadoes tore through large sections of rural Illinois, destroying homes and injuring residents. According to All Access, a radio industry news website, many organizations throughout the state have already banded together to raise money for storm victims. Earlier this year, heavy rainfall in Colorado lead to damaging floods that ruined farmland, local businesses and homes. However, since those events, donors across the nation have raised a total of $15.4 million, The Denver Post reported.

Handling such a large amount of money can create unique administrative challenges for the nonprofits responsible for dispersing collected funds. For example, processing individual checks is often a time-consuming process that requires hours of labor and trips to the bank. With the help of a high-quality check scanner, organizations can reduce many of the overhead costs associated with fundraising. As a result, they may even be more likely to deliver funds to those in need sooner than they would have normally been able to without advanced technology.

A check processing machine also assures charity organizations are able to accurately determine the value of all of the money raised through their campaigns. Because these groups are responsible for handling money for victims of natural disasters and tragedies, there is an especially high standard for precision and accuracy, as well as timely deposits. 

November 22, 2013