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Check scanners eliminate the unpredictability of the holiday season

The holiday season is a busy time for organizations in a wide variety of industries. Retailers often experience peak in-store foot traffic throughout November and December. Grocery stores and supermarkets also typically expect a sharp increase in business activity. In between all of this frenzied shopping, local nonprofit organizations will also be targeting consumers with fundraisers aimed at serving those in need. These groups can especially benefit from investing in advanced check processing machines to ensure maximum efficiency when handling funds.

While the holidays are almost always busy, the season is still prone to unpredictability. Nonprofit organizations are especially vulnerable to changes in consumer behaviors as a result of year-to-year calendar changes and other external factors. For example, the suburban Detroit news publication Observer and Eccentric recently reported on the many challenges local Salvation Army groups have experienced during their seasonal fundraising efforts because of an especially late Thanksgiving this year. At the end of November 2012, the Wayne-Westland Corp had already raised $12,000 more than it has in 2013. Captain Derek Rose, the corp commander in charge of the Wayne-Westland organization, said the fact that Thanksgiving falls later in the month has had a tremendous effect on local residents' willingness to donate. People typically set aside their holiday spending budgets for specific timeframes in reference to when holidays occur on the calendar. As a result, few are willing to donate money before Thanksgiving.

In other cases, the rare convergence of two normally separate holidays may have an entirely opposite effect on the success of fundraising efforts. According to The New York Times, Thanksgiving overlaps with the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah this year. Both holidays are steeped in traditions of charity and thankfulness, meaning many households across the nation are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to participate in fundraisers and help those in need.

The role of check processing machines for holiday fundraising
It's never easy to predict how willing people will be to participate in charitable initiatives. However, nonprofit organizations can eliminate other areas of uncertainty by investing in advanced check scanner technology to streamline the detailed financial processes of raising money during the holidays. Without the help of an automated machine, fundraisers often spend significant amounts of time depositing checks and taking various trips to the bank. These organizations can save valuable time and effort by utilizing automatic check processing tools. Advanced technology can also increase the accuracy of the final total and eliminate the risk of recording any accounting errors. 

December 2, 2013