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Changes in casino laws may necessitate money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters can help keep costs down when there's less business.

Utilizing a TITO ticket reader allows casinos to better handle changes in the industry by maximizing efficiency and customer service. The cash desk remains an important feature of casinos, since that's where people get their winnings from slot machines or video-based gambling devices. As it became increasingly burdensome to place tokens or cash into a slot machine, a ticketing system made it easier for winners to walk over to the desk and receive their winnings without any hassle. Using a money and ticket counter streamlines the whole process. Changes to gambling laws are often a source of volatility, making it clear that these institutions need to prepare for anything that comes their way.

Money counters benefit Pennsylvania casinos

Recently, the state of Pennsylvania has liberalized its gambling laws. Part of it is to provide a service for local residents and draw in tourists from other parts of the state, along with receiving revenue for the state's general fund to pay for schools and other key infrastructure. Among the changes include multiple lottery games, small games of chance at bars and full-fledged casinos in the state.

However, there has been some pullback while this expansion continues. Legislators in the state are currently considering a bill that would close casinos in the state for four hours daily between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Currently, casinos in the state are allowed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The law is designed to assist problem gamblers who may be having trouble overcoming their habits and lose their savings. According to, the authors of the bill note the current law dictates that bars close in that same time period, and casinos aren't allowed to serve alcohol in that time frame, either. As a result, the time closed theoretically wouldn't harm the businesses all that much.

However, without running 24 hours, revenue is still lost from the lack of activity, even if it's a smaller amount than during peak periods. The loss of revenue can impact operations in these casinos to some degree. That's why having a currency and ticket scanner in place can make a major difference in casinos. By focusing on efficiency, the gambling institutions will be able to mitigate the impacts of sudden hours changes and the inability to stay open 24/7. Even if the customers aren't always there, the money from their gambling will be.

May 27, 2015