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Casinos go green with new sustainability options

Companies across the country are implementing green projects to help them increase their level of environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. Even casinos are getting on board with this trend and are launching more eco-friendly initiatives. The steps they are taking range from obvious choices, like relying upon renewable energy sources, to more unusual options, such as using a ticket-in ticket-out scanner to image - rather than physically store - paper tickets.

More casinos interested in sustainability
According to the American Gaming Association, casinos are putting forth a major effort to adopt sustainable programs, whether they're put in place while a gaming institution is still in the construction stages or a when a casino is updating and completing renovations that will make operations more environmentally friendly. Some locations are looking into Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications by using the most energy-efficient appliances and reducing water use, while others are installing HVAC and electrical systems that rely primarily, or solely, on renewable resources.  

While some focus on energy conservation, others are putting an emphasis on limiting waste production. Some casinos may do this by making the switch from disposable utensils and glasses to reusable ones, which limits kitchen waste. Others are beginning to see the value in using a TITO scanner, which reduces paper stored at many gaming venues. By investing in ticket processing equipment, a casino can reduce the amount of paper it uses to store issued and redeemed tickets. While it's good for the environment, it can also present the benefits of cost savings and efficiency, as employees will no longer need to sort through physical documents for information, thus increasing their speed, and venues will no longer need to pay to store the paper documents.

May 9, 2013