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Casinos could use money and ticket counters alongside extra equipment

Money and ticket counters are useful additions with new casino equipment.

Casinos that are looking to invest in new infrastructure should consider buying money and ticket counters for their cash desks. These machines are designed to scan tickets and sort cash winnings to lucky customers quickly and efficiently. By reducing the amount of time that customers have to wait before getting their winnings, gambling institutions are able to boost satisfaction and encourage people to come back. More importantly, money and ticket counters reduce labor costs over time. During a time of build-out or expansion, investing in these tools is a wise choice for the long term. They can even be helpful when taking over another company's assets.

Casinos looking to invest in infrastructure should include TITO ticket readers

When a casino closes down, especially in a gambling town such as Las Vegas, the slot machines and tablet equipment often become valuable assets. These machines can be useful additions to large operations or spearhead expansions that will bring in more customers and revenue. They could also serve as a way to get regular gamblers enamored with new machines so as to keep them interested and returning overall.

Such is the case of the Riviera casino in Las Vegas. The long-standing famous casino and hotel closed down on May 4, one month following its 60th anniversary, after spending many years struggling to recover from its 2010 bankruptcy. Shortly after the closure, all of the available gaming equipment that was owned by the casino, which included 852 slot machines and four roulette wheels, was put to sale to liquidate the company. A buyer quickly appeared in the form of Derek Stevens, who bought out the entire stock, according to Wold Casino News. Only a day after the closure, the owner of the Golden Gate and D Las Vegas casinos already had crews moving the machines out. At least 350 of the machines will be put into use at the two casinos, with some being ready just before the Memorial Day weekend. The remainder will be sold in a private auction in June.

With such a large investment in these machines, there is a good reason for casinos like D Las Vegas to invest in money and ticket counters. These machines will help put the new equipment to better use by providing a quick exit once the festivities are done. Customers will feel rewarded rather than toyed around with, since they receive their winnings quickly.

June 23, 2015