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Casinos benefit from money and ticket counters during renovations

Money and ticket counters are useful in a casino renovation.

When it comes to improving efficiency at casinos, money and ticket counters are tough to beat. The cash desk gets a boost of speed when tellers use machines that convert tickets into winnings rapidly. That benefit can be important for casinos trying to cut costs, but it can also have a great impact during a renovation. While construction is happening, smooth operations should be maintained to avoid disturbing the customers or making them feel like they're being treated poorly for the sake of a better tomorrow. While the improvements are being made to the look and feel of a casino, the customer shouldn't notice any difference in how they do business.

Money and ticket counters useful in renovations, high-volume times

While Atlantic City has had its fair share of challenges from an economic downturn that has sunk a few casinos, it's turning a corner through a change in its vision as well as major improvements at key casinos. One of the surviving institutions, the Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City, has been undergoing critical renovations over the last year, according to gambling blog The $50 million effort aims to strengthen its position as a premier resort. Among the changes are upgrades to the hotel, a brand new fitness center and a complete reworking of the North Tower casino floor. The fitness center just opened, and the majority of the project finished over Memorial Day weekend. The remainder will be finished in July. This renovation presents a great opportunity to introduce TITO ticket readers to bolster customer satisfaction further.

Summertime also marks a busy season for all the casinos in spite of consolidation. cites a survey by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, which finds that 1,400 jobs are currently available at all the Atlantic City Casinos. Granted, only 350 of those are full-time positions while the remainder are for seasonal temporary work. However, these temp gigs have potential for growth that can ultimately lead to something more permanent with the right potential. What is especially important in this situation is that efficiency stays high with the extra workers in place. Money and ticket counters can address this by delivering an experience that is focused on getting customers what they need fast.

July 14, 2015