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Casino revenues rise, cash counters become more important

Casinos are in the business of making money, and business is booming in some parts of the country. Recent reports have shown climbing revenues in the casino industry, making cash counters all the more important to these institutions. When casinos need bundles of cash counted fast, and counted accurately, there is no better piece of equipment to turn to.

Casino revenues up all over the nation

Even as online gaming takes a greater slice of market share, physical casinos across the country have seen their revenues rise as overall economic activity picks up. The increase is apparent even in less-heralded gaming pockets of the nation, like Detroit and Baltimore. According to, Detroit casinos had $8.5 million more in revenue for August 2016 than it did the same time last year, as measured by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Over on the Atlantic Coast, Maryland casinos saw a 3.7 percent year-over-year increase in August revenue, and combined revenue topped $100 million for only the fourth time since 2010, the Baltimore Sun reported. The stats from the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency indicated this was the 10th-straight month of revenue increases.

While American classic riverboat casinos in Mississippi saw their revenue decline slightly, casinos along the state's gulf coast saw theirs increase. It's been a banner year for coast casinos, who have seen monthly revenues greater than those in 2015 for all but March, the Sun Herald of south Mississippi reported.

Cash counters indispensable 

There is no room for error in casino count rooms, and cash counters help close off any such windows for human miscalculation. Especially when the money is coming in fast and in greater amounts than previously handled, cash counter represent the ultimate piece of equipment for casino operators to own.

November 30, 2016