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Casino renovations a great opportunity to install TITO ticket readers

Money and ticket counters are a great asset both during and after casino renovations.

Money and ticket counters can be an important part of a casino's business operations. These machines often serve as the backbone of a cash desk. At any time, a group of customers could come rushing in, demanding their winnings from a slot machine, electronic table game or bets on a sporting event. It is in the best interest of the property to not only hand over the cash won as quickly as possible, but to do so in a way that is accurate. These machines can sort mixed currency and casino tickets at up to 1,200 items per minute. With such speed and efficiency, a gambling hall can benefit from these machines helping improve customer service.

Money and ticket counters a useful addition to renovated casinos

In order to keep up with the competition, casinos need to have a physical makeover every so often. Renovations give these halls a fresh new face, as well as opportunities to add new amenities, fine dining and other establishments that patrons can enjoy. One casino doing precisely that is the Rivers Casino at Mohawk Harbor, located in Schenectady, New York.

The renovation process is not without concerns, however. According to the Albany Times-Union, the casino is facing criticism over the look and feel of its design. Many residents in Schenectady, who nevertheless support the $300 million casino, voiced frustration that the architectural design resembled a shopping mall. They felt the design was out-of-place for the region and would undermine any sort of revenue growth that would happen once construction was complete. Since that time, designers have unveiled new renderings that step back from this design, taking on a design that makes more sense to the needs of the local community. The redesign will accommodate 66 table games and 1,150 slot machines.

With renovations being an important factor in improving the value and revenue of casinos, they have to make major expenses for it to work effectively. Additional expenditures that save money in the long term serve as an effective way to mitigate such capital investments, which is why gambling halls should invest in TITO ticket readers. The machines are designed to save money on labor costs by minimizing the number of tellers needed to sort and divvy up winnings for successful gamblers. Meanwhile, the speed and efficiency will impress gamblers enough to keep coming back and try other services at the casino, making a quality experience out of that visit.

September 4, 2015