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Casino market saturation makes money and ticket counters viable

Casino market saturation makes money and ticket counters viable

Money and ticket counters are a useful tool for properties looking to save money. What makes these tools useful is that they are designed to improve efficiency at the cash desk of a casino. A TITO ticket reader can help cage dealers better dispense cash without keeping customers waiting. In improving efficiency, customer satisfaction is enhanced over a period of time. This is becoming more important as the circumstances of the casino industry change. While the hegemony that developed from Atlantic City and Las Vegas begins to fade, another factor is altering the landscape of the business: legalization and market saturation.

Currency scanners may alleviate saturation stress

The major factor that has changed in the last several years is a movement toward legalizing casinos. In the past, casino gambling was heavily limited to a few states along with Nevada and New Jersey. Many states allowed gambling but greatly limited its structure to lotteries, racehorse tracks and places with slot machines. Full-scale gambling was limited outside of Native American reservations that build these places as a way to make income for the tribes.

However, the Great Recession impacted a large number of states both in terms of economic output and tax revenue. For several states, the idea of expanding gambling to include casinos presented new opportunities to fund government operations like public education. Often, the states that are legalizing happen to be close to the two leading cities. Consider that according to Vegas News, both Pennsylvania and Delaware recently passed bills allowing casino construction in their states. Some other states are expanding the limits of how many casinos can be built within the state at any given time. Many of these developments often create competition. As Forbes noted recently, casino operator Wynn is building a new operation in Massachusetts on the Rhode Island border, challenging Connecticut casinos and the smallest state's anti-casino stance.

Of course, these changes have unintended consequences. With so many casinos being built, the industry faces increased market saturation. Spectrum Game News defines the leading trend to be not only expansion through a combination of legalization and relaxed regulations, but also an overwhelming amount of options for gamblers to choose from. In fact, another trend is an increase in mergers and acquisitions as a way to cut costs. However, most casinos don't need to go that far and should simply invest in money and ticket counters to retain more money. By improving efficiency, casinos can offer high-quality customer service, which is becoming a more important selling point in the industry.

April 13, 2015