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Cash counters that keep up with your small-business growth

Cash counters that keep up with your small-business growth

Cash counters are an investment, so you want a product that will fit your needs as your small business grows. You may have a five-year plan for your company, but can you predict what features your money counter will need as technology changes? Fortunately, you don't have to. All you need to do is find the right machine.

Cash counters for future growth

There are two future-forward features you should consider when shopping for a cash counter: size and software. The former will take a little forethought while the latter is simpler.

How much money do you need to process today, and how much do you anticipate processing in the future? While you may not require a large cash counter for the time being, you could benefit from having a larger one down the line. That way, as your small business has more registers and paying customers, you'll be able to handle the load and continue to save time at the end of every day. Cummins Allison's JetScan iFX® series of machines can accommodate a variety of needs. With multi-pocket models, you can scan, record and deposit stacks of cash and checks in minutes. In fact, the JetScan can scan up to 1,600 mixed bills per minute. If you think your business will need the service of multiple pockets in the future, invest in such a model now.

With the JetScan iFX line, you don't have to imagine what kind of software your cash counter will need down the line. The machine is designed for upgrades. This way, your small business won't ever be behind the times when it comes to scanning technologies.

April 10, 2017