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Cash counters remain essential for US businesses

Cash counters remain essential for US businesses

Counterfeit money and the need for cash counters is not a uniquely American issue, as news coming out of China makes clear.

One recent report stated that Chinese authorities had uncovered more than 8 million yuan (over $1 million U.S. dollars) in counterfeit currency. However, it is clear that counterfeit money remains a serious problem in the U.S.

During 2013 alone, 88.1 million counterfeit dollars were seized - a 9 percent increase from the previous year.

While the use of debit and credit cards continues to grow, 40 percent of consumer transactions remain cash-based, regardless of age and income level. This makes counterfeiting an acute problem for merchants.

With that in mind, utilizing cash counters with sophisticated counterfeit-spotting technology remains an essential part of businesses protecting themselves.

Features to count on
Cummins Allison JetScan iFX counters boast five separate ways of detecting counterfeit money. These include:

  • Scan sensors to identify the true value of clip cornered bills
  • Magnetic sensing that compares magnetic ink levels for different denominations
  • Fluorescence sensing to test each bill's paper
  • Enhanced ultraviolet sensing that validates paper authenticity
  • Infrared sensors to test the printing quality of each bill
  • While these systems can provide a strong layer of security against counterfeit cash, the sheer number of money counter precautions could lead business owners to believe such prudence may result in lost time due to a long, drawn-out process.

However, JetScan iFX money counting machines can process 1,600 bills per minute - a 33 percent increase over other cash counting machines.

Additionally, multiple models are available so business owners can tailor their investments to their needs. For instance, there are single and multiple pocket currency counters, as well as devices for scanning checks and sorting different denominations.

Regardless of which model suits your needs, enhanced security measures will be a priority.

September 15, 2014