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Cash counters offer growth opportunities for amusement parks

Managers at amusement parks and carnivals across the U.S. can experience significant savings on overhead operational costs by introducing cash counters into the back office.

Advancements in technology have affected nearly every business industry in recent years. Destination tourist attractions that offer rides, games and other activities are no exception to this trend. An article published in the Orlando Sentinel said many amusement parks have invested heavily in high-tech experiences for their visitors. However, most customers continue to prefer the most familiar diversions. Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, told the newspaper that old-fashioned carnival games such as ring tosses and Whac-A-Moles often feed a certain desire for simplicity.

Participating in these activities also typically requires an exchange of cash, as opposed to credit cards or any other form of electronic payment. As the amusement park industry continues to expand, many business owners may want to consider investing in technology that makes it easier to count large volumes of currency in as little time as possible. Similar tourist attractions are growing despite a struggling economy. For example, New York real estate news website The Real Deal said two major operations on Coney Island recently extended their leases through 2027. Luna Park and Scream Zone, both of which are owned by the Italy-based Zamperla USA, had previously held leases through 2020.

Manager and employees of similar establishments across the country shouldn't have to put in long hours counting cash every day. A small upfront investment in simple technology can lead to major savings in the long run. As a result, these organizations can focus on expanding their operations on the ground as well.

January 31, 2014