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Cash counters make law enforcement agencies more effective

Cash counters make law enforcement agencies more effective

Manpower and effective utilization of resources are concerns in all industries, but it's especially important in the realm of law enforcement. When it comes to handling confiscated cash and the many hours required for officers to manually determine the amount of ill-gotten currency confiscated from offenders, cash counters can act as a force multiplier. Instead of tying up experienced law enforcement officers who could focus on more pressing tasks, cash counters automate the process and ensure accuracy in the result. What's more, cash counters can process significantly more money in a given time frame than an individual or small group.

Massive cash seizure in IN

The Indianapolis Star recently highlighted that region's largest raids and operations involving asset seizures as part of a year-end retrospective. The largest single action undertaken in the Indianapolis region was impressive in terms of the funds and other items confiscated. Indianapolis police arrested the ringleader of what was said to be an interstate drug trafficking ring in March 2015, which had operations extending as far as Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. The investigation included law enforcement officials from Arizona and initial intelligence gathering started in 2014, meaning almost a year's worth of work went into the bust. The drug-dealing ring was found to have supplied a variety of other criminals in and around Indianapolis as well.

Officers seized pounds of drugs with street values in the millions of dollars and 25 guns, along with making more than 60 total arrests between local and federal charges. The $4.5 million in cash taken during the raid was the largest amount confiscated during 2015 and was the centerpiece of the display presented alongside leading officers when they announced the charges. Additionally, previous seizures in the general area related to the drug distribution network netted hundreds of thousands of dollars, adding to the total amount.

Major arrests involving the seizure of ill-gotten assets is a huge boon to a police department and the community it serves. However, the intake and recordkeeping related to large amounts of currency can prove difficult, time-consuming and error prone for even the most experienced officers. Cash counters automate the process, reduce time to completion, create reliable digital records and are easy to use both in the evidence room and in the field, providing reliable and consistent results for departments of all sizes.

February 24, 2016