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Cash counters make counterfeit seizures easier to process

Cash counters make counterfeit seizures easier to process

Cash counters come in handy when police and other governmental agencies seize cash or counterfeit money, especially in large volumes. One area that has been seeing an increase in counterfeit cash and increased law enforcement focus is online forums. A recent Krebs on Security report showed counterfeit money is being sold online for the first time anyone can recall. Jason Kersten is an author who wrote about a master counterfeiter who made millions of dollars before being caught by the United States Secret Service. Kersten is surprised that counterfeit money has made it to the online realm.

"That's a first for me, but I guess they can sell anything online these days," he told the blog.

Bills feel different
Kersten added that if people have questions about whether they've been given counterfeit money, the first thing to do is feel the bill.

"What you really need to do is feel the money, because a digital image can be doctored in ways that real money cannot." Kersten added that for those who are thinking of doing a little counterfeiting of their own to re-think their options.

"The Secret Service does not have a sense of humor about this at all," Kersten said. "They really don't."

Money counters cut costs
​Using state-of-the-art money counters, police agencies are able to streamline the process of counting the counterfeit cash by reducing the manpower it takes to account for such a large amount of bills. Before money counters came into play, agencies needed a full complement of staff on hand to identify, separate, count and collate each bill. The advent of the cash counting machine can simplify the process, reduce the need for personnel in the back room and provide more accurate counts in a shorter time than it takes for assembled employees to do the same job.

Counterfeiting money is an age-old practice but, in today's world, great technology overcomes good fakery. Cash counting machines are an effective and efficient way for local, state and federal agencies to ensure accurate and time-saving counts in order to process the millions of dollars they seize each year from foreign and domestic criminals and counterfeiters. 

September 2, 2014