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Cash counters improve efficiency of backroom processes

Convenience is always a central focus of retail businesses that want to improve the customer experience. As stores think of creative ways to reduce wait times at the point of sale and improve backroom processes, a dual purpose money counter and check scanner can make it easier to accurately close out at the end of a long day.

RetailWire recently published a summary of an article published in the Journal of Retail Analytics that highlighted the many ways in which U.S. retailers are utilizing technology to create a more efficient shopping and checkout experience. According to the source, self-checkouts and smarter point of sale systems are able to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, many stores are rethinking the physical design of POS locations to enhance convenience. For example, Entrepreneur magazine said simply providing enough room for staff and shoppers to navigate the area can have a profound impact on reducing the time it takes to process transactions during peak business hours.

However, these tools and strategies present unique challenges for clerks who are responsible for processing individual transactions during the day and counting cash after hours. As businesses streamline the point of sale transaction experience, money counters and check scanners can allow employees to increase the accuracy of backroom processes.

October 15, 2013