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Cash counters help seasonal business owners plan ahead

From Christmas tree farmers to kayaking school proprietors, seasonal business owners can make the most of their busy months by investing in dependable money counters.

While some companies stay open year-round, others only make their annual profit during just a few months. When business is booming, seasonal companies can expect to be flush, but what about the months in between?

Tips for seasonal business owners

Staying profitable and productive throughout the year is one of the greatest challenges for seasonal business owners. However, with a few techniques, entrepreneurs can plan ahead and strategize for the whole year.

Southwestern Oregon Community College Small Business Development Center Director Arlene M. Soto advised in an article for the Oregon Small Business Development Network that while some businesses remain open during off-seasons, others strategically choose to close their doors until the profitable months circle back around.

Strategic planning is key in other areas, Nathan DauSchmidt noted in an article for By negotiating with suppliers to pay expenses during or immediately after the profitable months, DauSchmidt asserted, seasonal businesses can make sure the bills don't derail their financial plans.

Most importantly, seasonal business owners must think beyond their peak months. DauSchmidt emphasized budgeting with the whole year in mind, and Soto suggested diversifying business offerings as a way to make money during the off-season. Another option is to use quieter months to handle any repairs, for example, and plan for the next busy season, Rich Mintzer reported for Entrepreneur.

Money counters improve productivity

Cash counters are able to process as many as 1,200 mixed denomination bills per minute, giving business owners an edge during their busiest months. Money counters also offer counterfeit detection to protect business owners from false currency and are easily mobile, allowing seasonal business owners to carry them along from one location to another, if need be. What's more, cash counters are a solid long-term investment, with future-ready models that can easily be upgraded to reflect software improvements over time.

September 23, 2016