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Cash counters help retailers combat counterfeit currency

Cash counters are a valuable tool for businesses that want to protect their operations and make counterfeiting a difficult and unprofitable endeavor for criminals. There are plenty of security concerns that go into running a successful retail company, from dealing with vandals to stopping shoplifters, but there's one that's especially important: counterfeiters. The fraudsters that use fake currency to make purchases can be especially difficult to contend with, as their methods are particularly insidious. With cash counters, however, businesses can be more confident in their security efforts and take steps to avoid situations where counterfeiters target their stores repeatedly.

Cash counters help retailers stay aware

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, is known as a relatively quiet town that sits nearby Springfield, a major city in the area. A recent counterfeiting spree in that town, while short, attracted attention from area police and prompted warnings to individuals and merchants in and around Wilbraham. Police said two purchases - one of which was between two private citizens - were made with counterfeit cash in late September, and that incident was a symptom of a larger problem with attempts at fraud using illegally produced currency.

Speaking with Sgt. John Delaney of the Springfield Police Department, local news channel WWLP noted an upswing in counterfeiting in recent years. Delaney told the station the increase in prevalence is due in part to the availability of printing technology to criminals. With inexpensive digital printers and access to paper that simulates the feel of cash to an extent, counterfeiters are taking more shots at passing off their work as real money. Delaney said that while the crime isn't constantly a problem for area law enforcement, it occasionally rears its head in instances where officers see instances of the crime in many places for a short period of time.

For businesses, there's little worse than having to deal with counterfeit money. Using cash counters that include fraud detection capabilities raises the situational awareness of businesses and gives them an important warning about the potential for more instances of that crime both in the region and specifically at their stores. With the high degree of accuracy provided by these solutions, companies can utilize the fraud detection measures to track fake cash back to a specific transaction and use other security measures to identify potential criminals, reduce the chance of a second crime at their store and provide police with valuable information.

October 14, 2016