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Cash counters help local law enforcement agencies do their jobs

Cash counters help local law enforcement agencies do their jobs

Cash counters can make all the difference in helping law enforcement agencies perform their duties with maximum efficiency. Whether seizing cash or attempting to identify counterfeit money, automated machines help eliminate the amount of time it takes to complete the justice process. Such was the case in Suffolk County, New York, where officers recovered $440,000 in cash from a series of drug-related arrests. CBS New York reported that along with the cash, multiple weapons and drugs were seized in an operation that began last year when California officials nabbed 44 pounds of cocaine earmarked for the East Coast.

Counting the cash
Having all that cash on hand, the County's Asset Forfeiture Unit will need to process it quickly for use as evidence. Using a cash counter expedites the counting process and streamlines the office's backroom efficiency. In years past, multiple staffers would be needed to cull through, correlate, count and box the cash before putting it into storage. Cash counting machines like the Cummins Allison JetScan iFX count upwards of 1,200 bills per minute when tracking serial numbers, and as much as 1,600 bills per minute when simply tallying notes. With this speed and efficiency, police officials can utilize a minimum amount of personnel while freeing up others for duties elsewhere in the department.

Deploying state-of-the-art cash counters in money seizure circumstances like this is a great way to keep costs down while ensuring accurate and concise tallies.

September 24, 2014