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Cash counters help law enforcement handle drug busts

Getting drug dealers off the street takes a lot of time and effort, but money counters help police keep things efficient when it comes to counting confiscated cash.

In the wake of recent drug busts in Long Island, New York, authorities have reason to celebrate - but they also have a lot of counting to do. A mid-July drug bust in Suffolk County, a suburban area of Long Island resulted in police taking possession of $100,000 cash, Kelly Saberi reported for WSHU Public Radio Group. Local Long Island News 12 confirmed the event, noting that cash and the 6 kilos of heroin and cocaine seized by police were concealed inside hidden compartments in a fish tank, car and nightstand. Both sources reported 14 arrests.

In neighboring Nassau County, officials have also been hard at work. On July 14, FBI residence raids led authorities to arrest 31 individuals on narcotics charges on, according to CBS New York. Nick Ciccone of the Long Island Herald cited Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas as saying  law enforcement officials seized $75,000 in cash during the raids.

CBS New York also noted that Singas believes that David Ramis, who Singas claimed is responsible for more than than $2 million in drug sales over the last four months, supplied the arrested individuals with the cocaine and heroin confiscated in the bust.

How money counters help

When the police dismantle narcotics rings, they often have a lot of confiscated cash on their hands. Keeping an accurate record of all evidence is an important part of securing conviction. Simply hand-counting so much money is inefficient and increases the likelihood of mistakes.

Cash counters scan up to 1,200 bills per minute and keep a digital record of all currency that can be shared with other law enforcement agencies if need be, or simply stored digitally. Furthermore, they provide an easily portable solution to counting cash evidence wherever need be. By investing in money counters, law enforcement officials can ensure all cash evidence is properly tallied and save valuable time.

September 9, 2016