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Cash counters help law enforcement bust counterfeit money

It's no secret that counterfeit money is on the rise, but cash counters can help law enforcement offices combat the fraudulent crime. According to Made of Money, counterfeit money is now easier to make than ever thanks to the invention of inkjet printers. These printers can also use different types of paper and even produce fake watermarks to make sure the fake cash is hard to detect. If this type of crime is on the rise, how can law enforcement offices protect themselves and the public? By using cash counters, law enforcement officials can quickly and easily scan fraudulent bills, helping the American public at large.

How common is counterfeiting today?

Counterfeit cash is a very serious matter. As more millennials are choosing to carry cash in urban areas, these bills could go through hundreds of transactions before ever being confiscated. It also hurts business owners because if money is counterfeit, it cannot be included as part of general revenue. Mass counterfeit crimes are still prevalent as well, with thousands and even millions of fake dollars being delivered and produced daily. According to The Source, $4.65 million dollars in counterfeit money was recently confiscated from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on February 12, 2016. The couple apprehended was traveling into the country from Vietnam. U.S. customs and border protection said that the cash was contained in several bags from a Vietnamese couple returning from a flight in Seoul, Korea. In this, 93 bundles of counterfeit $100 bills were found as well as 32 bundles of Vietnamese dong, or Vietnamese currency. The money was to be used for a cultural ceremony for the dead, according to the offenders. However, counterfeit money is illegal to transport into the U.S. regardless of cultural significance.

This crime is only one of hundreds that occur in the United States on a daily basis. As such, law enforcement offices should use cash counters to protect American citizens by ridding the system of false currency.

What can cash counters do for my precinct?

Every police and federal precinct can benefit from cash counters for multiple reasons. Foremost, cash counters can be used to detect counterfeit cash in large amounts. Due to its open-mouth mechanism, multiple bills can be counted and scanned at once. Second, most cash counters and money scanners contain a digital record. This way, no progress is lost during a case. Finally, they are safe and easy to use, making every law enforcement official's jobs easier.

April 22, 2016