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Cash counters help in major drug seizures

Cash counters help in major drug seizures

Cash counters remain an important and reliable tool for the police. When seizing assets of criminals after they have been arrested and convicted, getting exact numbers is important, for it gives law enforcement agencies an idea of what kind of money, both real and counterfeit, is circulating in the criminal underworld. Grasping the scope of black markets and other illegal businesses requires a high level of coordination between different departments as well as analysis from anything recovered from enforcement operations. Having these counters can provide a quick reading on cash seized, and the information gleaned can provide valuable information on future stings.

Money counters aid in drug stings

In the U.S., a high-level drug trafficking operation was put to a halt. According to Fox 59, four people were arrested with charges related to drug trafficking in Indianapolis. In an initial seizure, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was able to seize $4.5 million in cash. On top of that, they were able to recover 35 kilograms of heroin and cocaine, 42 pounds of methamphetamine and 25 guns.

The drug trafficking operation had set up shop in a flea market in the western part of the city. The operation spanned from there all the way to Tempe, Arizona. Subsequent raids following the arrest led to more than $1.8 million in cash being recovered as well as more drugs. The investigation and subsequent bust were handed by the U.S. Attorney's office and the IMPD, with support from the IRS and Department of Homeland Security. The message was clear in a press conference that followed that these operations would not stand.

In such large busts as these, cash counters become a valuable tool for other officers responsible for handling evidence and bringing justice. The machines are designed to sort through currency with maximum speed and efficiency. With limited time and resources, law enforcement agencies must rely on this kind of technology to get a better understanding of how deep and vast illegal operations, such as drug trafficking, can be. These tools can also help open up new avenues of investigation based on the information that's uncovered. The seized money can then be sorted and stored as evidence for later prosecution, which can be helpful in putting criminals in jail.

April 23, 2015