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Cash counters help bodegas and small grocers

In larger metropolitan areas, bodegas and small grocery stores can benefit from using cash counters to measure their daily and weekly revenues. Since bodegas act as combination restaurants and grocery stores, their flows of revenue come from two different places - eat-in diners and actual shoppers. While the eat-in counter is popular, the bodega is most successful in operating as a small grocer. Because of these unique revenue streams and the fact that most bodegas are cash-only, cash counters work as an effective and easy tool for bodegas to measure revenue. By using cash counters, bodegas can serve their consumers without worrying about taking time each day to laboriously count cash in registers.

What is a bodega?

According to Time magazine, a bodega is a small ethnic grocery store that often features a small snack counter with items such as sandwiches, entrees, side dishes and sweets. These small grocery stores impact cultural exchange in the area and must drive sales in a way that is different from typical grocery stores. At bodegas, cash transactions are the most popular form of payment. Because of this, bodegas need to invest in cash counters to prevent any bookkeeping mistakes. This is why investing in cash counters is absolutely essential for popular bodegas and small grocers alike.

Are small grocers like bodegas the future of cash counters?

While cash counters are used by several cash-intensive industries, small stores and grocers that choose to use cash counters may be the future of cash as a payment option. According to The Telegraph UK, convenience stores and small-scale grocers are pulling out ahead over mainstream grocery stores. The trend is expected to continue into the Americas. As such, bodegas and small grocers can use cash counters to secure their financial futures.

Why invest in cash counters?

Cash counters are useful for small grocers and bodegas for multiple reasons. First, it gives busy employees a chance to take a break by letting a machine do the counting for them. Second, it makes sure that no cash goes unaccounted for. These cash counters also feature unique features such as backup data to make sure no records are lost. Lastly, it gives store owners peace of mind knowing that their cash will always be accurately tracked with digital cash counting. With advanced digital cash counters, the future truly is possible.

May 4, 2016