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Cash counters critical to police during fraud investigations

Cash counters critical to police during fraud investigations

Whenever they investigate a case of fraud, police officers need cash counters.

These machines are instrumental in ensuring a timely and accurate conclusion to any case that involves large sums of money. One such case occurred in October 2016 when police in Nelson County, Virginia seized more than $100,000 in a drug bust. This seizure was one of the largest in recent history for the department, according to WSET 13 News. In times like these, cash counters are critical tools that help law enforcement officers do their job well.

In Maricopa County in Arizona, the police department utilizes cash counters and has garnered a reputation as one of the most efficient and effective law enforcement groups in the country. But even top law enforcement officials saw the necessity for one of these machines to streamline their process for counting cash obtained during an arrest.

"Our evidentiary and security protocol required that seized cash be counted multiple times, by multiple people," said Maricopa County Lt. Brian Stutsman. "Each time the confiscated currency was accessed, multiple administrative personnel and detectives had to again sign off on the currency."

Tedious processes like Maricopa County law enforcement agents use are not uncommon, but they are unnecessary. And once the police department started using Cummins Allison cash counters, they saw the benefits immediately. Officials used the machines to assist in a case where $919,000 was confiscated, and law enforcement personnel were able to process within minutes. The system also digitally logged the serial numbers of each bill, which saved the department a lot of time and manpower on busy work, according to Stutsman.

No one wants to spend time redoing arduous tasks because of a mistake, but it's especially important for police officers to get it right the first time. Implementing cash counters into their workflow is an easy way to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

January 26, 2017