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Cash counters condition food vendors to win big

Some teams in the National Football League may want to take this offseason to look into cash counters as a way to prepare for major changes coming to their stadiums' concession stands next year.

According to an article from USA Today, the Atlanta Falcons announced a sharp reduction in the price of food and beverages at the team's new Mercedes-Benz Stadium when the 2017 regular season officially kicks off. Not only will individual items like hot dogs and soft drinks cost as little as $2 each, but the team also emphasized ticket buyers can feed a family of four for less than $30. Rich McKay, CEO of the Atlanta Falcons, told the press the No. 1 complaint fans had about the stadium experience was the high price of food.

An article from Sports Illustrated reported the new prices will be 65 percent cheaper than before. The stadium will also expand the number of cooking stations by 55 percent as compared to the Falcons' current venue. The article also mentioned the stadium will maintain the more controlled pricing structure even for non-NFL events like concerts.

Money counters keep vendors on their toes

While the news of lower prices for concessions at Falcons games is surely welcome news to fans, the staff responsible for managing individual vendor booths will likely notice a significant change in buyer behavior that may complicate back-office tasks. For example, ticket buyers may be more inclined to carry cash in their wallets if food and beer prices are lower. Concessions companies will likely find themselves with more cash to sort through after the game.

Rather than spending more time manually counting money from the day's sales, vendors can use automated money counters to quickly tally up their cash boxes with tremendous accuracy. With machines that count up to 1,600 bills per minute, stadiums will be more than ready to benefit from the uptick in sales activity during games.

July 14, 2016