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Cash counters can improve employee experience while providing efficiency

Cash counters are the most efficient and accurate way to know how much physical money a small business collects, and they can positively impact your employees' experience. 

According to Forbes, HR leaders and managers around the world have increased their focus on the employee experience, which begins as early as the first time an employee interacts with the business. From the application to the end of their last day of work, businesses have taken action to ensure that each part of the process will influence their employee positively. Forbes reported that T-Mobile, for instance, changed its job descriptions for open positions to more plain English so those looking to apply could understand the job details more easily.

For a small business that deals with lots of cash, investing in a money counter can definitely improve an employee's work experience. Counting money manually is a tedious and undesirable task. A cash counter at hand would significantly reduce the amount of time an employee dedicates to this busywork, which can provide a range of benefits. With the extra time, the employee will feel less overwhelmed and likely do other jobs more precisely. Even if it just helps the business close faster after a hard day of work, that can go a long way.

Employee experience can improve retention

In today's workforce, if an employer does not offer a rewarding experience, the business will suffer a draining of talent. Constant employee turnover is time-consuming and costly. Providing small perks to improve the employee experience, the Wall Street Journal reported, is a key to retention. Most small business cannot afford an onsite chef or masseuse like some major corporations can, but investing in the newest technologies is a solid, economical way to attract and keep talent. A cash counter, therefore, can help improve employee attitude and retention, as well as business operations. 

September 16, 2016