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Cash counters are integral to the war on drugs

Cash counters are integral to the war on drugs

Police officers often face the challenge of tackling pervasive issues that never seem to find resolution over time, which adds to the importance of money counters in law enforcement operations. This is especially the case when it comes to addressing and stopping drug-related violence.

Recent news surrounding New Orleans speaks to this reality. According to WWL-TV, law enforcement officers throughout the area claim the majority of violence they investigate and prosecute is related to drug use. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand commented that the drug issue is extremely difficult to tackle because people are willing to die for the profit they gain through this dangerous, illicit activity.

How money counters come into play

Cash counters are a crucial piece of technology law enforcement officers use to prevent, prosecute and ultimately combat the war on drugs. There are three key reasons this technology is so beneficial when it comes to the challenge of stopping the flow of drugs and the violence that results in cities like New Orleans:

  • Efficiency: For one, money counters make the process of seizing and counting drug-related money much simpler. Since the best machines are portable, police officers can bring the technology to the scene of the crime and count the money right there and then. Additionally, high-quality money counters are easy to use and able to save hundreds of administrative hours involved with this very important task. Since this technology decreases the time police officers spend in the back office, they can spend more of their efforts on the field making a real difference.
  • Accountability: Accountability is an important issue. To succeed in the war on drugs, citizens need to trust that seized money is handled appropriately. Sometimes there is endless negative news about how law enforcement handles crime-related money, but law enforcement agencies can avoid these types of issues by leveraging money counting technology that keeps a digital record of all scanned cash.
  • Satisfaction: Finally, cash counters add to the satisfaction of police officers who are more passionate about making a difference in their communities than they are about counting money in the office. This is important because happy officers are more likely to do a thorough, impactful job combating the war on drugs.

March 22, 2016