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Cash and check scanners lead to a more engaged, productive workforce

Cash and check scanners lead to a more engaged, productive workforce

Inefficient business processes can have damaging effects on employee engagement, but dual purpose cash and check scanners can help managers overcome these challenges.

The Harvard Business Review Analytics Service recently partnered with the cloud-service provider Achievers on a report that highlighted the unique dynamic between employee engagement and the availability of innovative technology. After interviewing more than 500 professionals, the authors of the study determined that only 24 percent of respondents agreed that the employees at their organizations are highly invested in the work they do. This is despite the fact that 71 percent view workplace engagement as a major element to long-term company success.

These issues become even more exaggerated in highly competitive industries. When similar firms are aiming to attract the same customer base, subtle enhancements to productivity and operational efficiency can go a long way toward helping one organization dominate the market in the future. The publication Convenience Store News cited information from a recent Nielsen report that found the need for innovation is especially apparent in the retail industry. As brick-and-mortar stores compete with online businesses more than ever before, eliminating unnecessary overhead costs and maintaining full productivity is essential.

Employees at these establishments often waste valuable time manually counting money or processing checks in the back room. These and similar procedures can ultimately lead to employee disengagement, as individuals may rather spend the hours of their shifts working on other important responsibilities. However, investing in dual purpose cash and check scanners is a simple and cost-effective way to eliminate the stress associated with daily back office projects. Not only will stores be able to fully engage their staff in more meaningful ways, but the newfound free time may even lead to opportunities to gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

February 3, 2014