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Cash and check scanners critical for banks in the 21st century

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are banks' tools of the future.

These machines can help relieve pressure for employees in several different areas including time management, customer service and bank security.

Handling a day's worth of money is a time-consuming task at most bank branches. But having an employee sit and count cash instead of being out on the floor or behind the counter is wasting time and precious resources. Instead, that worker could be promoting a bank's services and amenities to people who walk through the door or handling transactions with customers at the desk. That's where dual-purpose cash and check scanners come into play.

These devices can complete up to 400 deposits per minute, and they can also count and process as many as 1,600 bills of any denomination in a minute. With cash and check scanners, bank employees will now have the time to perform tasks that are more beneficial to a bank's overall mission than simply counting money in the back room. These machines are also a significant improvement over the horseshoe scanners many financial institutions use today, which can malfunction if a bill is wrinkled or slightly damaged.

Lastly, these machines can easily assist in remote deposits, which are becoming an important aspect of banking that many customers utilize. Bank workers don't need to worry about verifying electronic deposits by hand; a check scanner can detect fraudulent deposits and easily log and process legitimate transactions, freeing up employees to complete other things around the branch.

This function is particularly critical because more and more individuals are utilizing remote deposits at their bank, which means institutions need to be able to handle a high volume of transactions in a safe and secure way.

January 6, 2017