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Cash and check scanners break down barriers to business growth

Cash and check scanners break down barriers to business growth

Dual purpose cash and check scanners help small and medium-sized businesses improve both the efficiency and accuracy of their backroom financial procedures. Relying on employees to manually count cash or tally check totals received throughout the day with a calculator is a time-consuming process that can create obstacles to long-term enterprise growth. However, dynamic technology makes it possible to complete these process as quickly as possible with the same machine.

Bruna Martinuzzi, the founder of Clarion Enterprises and the author of two books on business leadership, wrote in American Express's online publication Open Forum about the many forms of adversity that can stand in the way of success at small and midsize companies. One problem in particular is a general unwillingness to abandon business practices that simply aren't working. People have a tendency to resist major changes in the workplace, especially if they are comfortable with the status quo. However, flexibility is one way in which firms can get rid of the kinds of inefficiencies that lead to excessive overhead costs in the long run. Leadership consultant Gayle Lantz said in The Business Journals that feeling stuck is a common problem many enterprise owners face on a regular basis.

With dual purpose cash and check scanners, businesses can move beyond any challenges impeding growth. These machines are uniquely designed to address the complex needs of any organization that must both deposit a large volume of checks and count currency on a daily basis. A Cummins Allison case study reported that introducing simple technology in the back office can result in as much as 69 percent annual savings in check processing costs alone. The opportunities are even greater for businesses that can use these tools to cut the time it takes to count cash in addition to depositing checks. 

February 18, 2014