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Cash and check scanners are essential for small business growth

Cash and check scanners are essential for small business growth

Growing businesses need dual-purpose cash and check scanners to sustain their size.

As businesses earn more clientele, it's critical that every staff member is devoted to an important task that helps a company achieve its business goals. Simply counting money is not one of those tasks. Although it's critical to count money and keep an accurate record of revenue, doing this manually takes a worker away from the floor to perform a task that could be more quickly done by a machine. That's where dual-purpose cash and check scanners come in.

With the ability to process hundreds of checks and bills in a minute, it's a crucial tool for small businesses that don't have time to complete busy work. It also better protects these enterprises against fraud with state-of-the-art technology that scans serial numbers to help detect fraudulent bills quickly and accurately. And with its remote deposit capture technology, businesses can be ready to accept money at any time and anywhere.

Carwash Operations Company Inc. understands how effective these machines can be. As Patty Landers and her husband Darryl's business began to grow, they didn't have time to count all of their revenue by hand. Cummins Allison's machines have been an effective tool for these owners to be more efficient in their business operations.

"When we were little, the time we spent on things like counting money didn't really matter," Patty said. "Now that we have multiple car wash locations plus car​ wash equipment and supply distributorship, accuracy and efficiency for money counting is essential."

Their relationship with their bank has also improved since the entrepreneurs started using Cummins Allison's machines. The cash and check scanner will bundle denominations of the same value to make bringing deposits to the bank easy and hassle-free for business owners and bank tellers.

February 8, 2017