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Cash and check scanners are essential for government efficiency

Cash and check scanners are a secret weapon for government officials.

There's no doubt that government at any level receives a high amount of criticism. This means employees need to be doing everything they can to complete their tasks quickly and accurately. A simple way to help achieve that goal is for government offices at the local, state or federal level to adopt cash and check scanners, which can reduce overhead costs, improve efficiency and maintain a high level of accuracy.

Whether it's handling money from an investigation or a fee from a parking ticket, government workers need to make sure that they don't mismanage any funds. The Whitfield County Commissioner's office understands first-hand the benefits of using one of these machines to improve their everyday workflow.

Located in Georgia, this local government office handles responsibilities such as processing car tags and collecting property taxes for 50,000 properties throughout the city, county and state. Before implementing cash and check scanners into their office, each county clerk processed checks manually and then ran them over to the bank for deposit, which was an incredibly time-consuming process, particularly during property tax season.

"With all the checks that we had to do, and to prepare the deposit, it was taking two employees from about 8:30 in the morning to until almost 2 every day," Whitfield County Tax Commissioner Danny Sane said.

Not only was manually processing checks a drain on employee time, it also drove up costs for the county office. Implementing cash and check scanners allowed Whitfield County to significantly reduce their operational costs. Before the office began using the machines, operational costs came it around $475,000, but once the machines were fully integrated, costs plummeted to approximately $175,000, according to Sane.

January 20, 2017