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Cash and check scanners are crucial for nonprofit organizations

Cash and check scanners are crucial for nonprofit organizations

Cash and check scanners are a savior for many nonprofit organizations.

Many nonprofits are understaffed, the employees work long hours and it's hard to get everything accomplished in a day. With all of the important things nonprofit workers need to do throughout their busy  schedules, taking time to manually count, file and log checks and cash is not at the top of the priority list.

But with cash and check scanners, these employees no longer have to worry about this tedious task and can devote their time to other, more critical responsibilities. With the ability to process hundreds of checks every minute, a task that took up a lot of someone's time can now be done in a matter of minutes by a machine.

Cummins Allison's machines can process up to 1,600 bills of varying denominations per minute, and it automatically creates an electronic copy of each bill's serial number to check for fraudulent money. Lastly, these machines are also enabled with remote deposit capture, so employees can send information to the machine remotely if they need to.

St. Charles Borromeo Church knows first-hand how these machines can help make a difference in day-to-day operations and improve a nonprofit's service. The Ohio church started using Cummins Allison's machines to process offering donations in addition to proceeds from various events the church hosts throughout the year. Employees say the cash and check scanners significantly helped streamline their workflow when it comes to handling money.

"With the hundreds of checks that we send through every week, it goes very fast," Tom Holzheimer, who manages the financial operations of the church, said. "We no longer need to stamp the back of the checks since we can digitally endorse them, and because the bank doesn't need to process the checks as much, it makes my process with the bank faster."

February 2, 2017