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Building the right customer experience at a grocery store

Building the right customer experience at a grocery store

Customers have come to a point where they want something special when they go to a grocery store, and one way to provide an extra incentive for visiting is a self-service coin counter. This device proves to customers that quality service is vital to the store. Additionally, people like to kill two birds with one stone, and a way to do that is to visit a grocery store with a box or a bag of change, and then buy groceries with the money received from a self-service coin counter.

One important factor in boosting the customer experience is to understand what people want and have come to expect from stores. When it comes to groceries, people want great service and plenty of convenience. According to Kiss Metrics, people will talk about a store only when it is either great or terrible. People don't talk about stores that are mediocre. If a store is truly excellent, then people will actually recommend it to other people. An example might be a grocery store that offers free samples of wine and cheese or occasional tastings of seasonal foods. It goes beyond what people anticipate and pleases them in ways they hadn't expected.

Customer engagement is another buzzword that people use to talk about making people excited about shopping. Retail Customer Experience associates this with hiring the right people, but an additional matter of importance is building the store around the customer, so that everything someone could want is easily available. This means making the store easy to navigate and offering everything a shopper might want to have - before he or she knows she wants it. One amenity that can please shoppers is access to a self-service coin counter. Such convenience, when combined with a truly excellent grocery store, will exceed customer expectations.

January 19, 2015