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Building credit without cards possible

People who are looking to build credit don't necessarily have to turn to credit cards. There are alternative ways to establish good credit without opening a new card. Americans can use cash to increase their credit rating, meaning more people may still use cash and checks to pay their bills and purchase products and services. Because people can and most likely will use cash and spare change to build credit, it may be a good idea for banks to have money counters and check processing options available. 

The key is to start simple
Young adults and other people without great credit can start improving their histories by paying simple costs such as rent, utilities and other monthly expenses on time. While possibly not as fast as other avenues, these expenses can help build credit. Those paying for these bills will need to have a good idea of how much cash they have on hand and how much they have in the bank accounts to be able to maintain consistency with their payments.

Other expenses, such as student loans, can help when paid online. Recent college graduates may be saving every penny they can and will need as much assistance from the banks as possible when managing their finances during their time at a university. 

August 30, 2013