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Boosting casino revenue through money and ticket counters

Boosting casino revenue through money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters allow casinos to provide excellent service to their customers. Whether a casino is doing well or looking for ways to improve business, one of the best ways for keeping people coming through the door is investing in tools that let employees focus more of their attention on customer service.

Recent events in Pennsylvania's gaming industry offer a prime example of how money and ticket counters can improve the bottom line. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board recently released stats to the effect that gross revenue at 12 casinos fell by 3.4 percent in November, Casino Journal reported. Improving casino amenities is a great way to bring people back into a casino, and one way to make sure that people keep coming back is to provide a positive money and ticket counting solution that will enable workers to provide a better customer experience.

Cummins Allison offers counters that are 85 percent faster than other brands. With these improvements, employees in the back office will be able to work with cash more efficiently, which will allow them to make better use of their time on other matters of concern.

More importantly, employees will have much more time to focus on customers, letting the people who come inside to play know they are the No. 1 concern of the casino.

The benefits of money and ticket counters aren't exclusive to casinos that are struggling to maintain strong revenue levels, either. Even casinos that are doing well and have plans for expansion can benefit from investing in these tools. During times of growth, it is a good idea to update old technology with the newest available tools.

For example, the Golden Nugget Casino is opening in Louisiana on Dec. 8, according to Houston Business Journal. It is part of a chain of casinos owned by Tilman Fertitta. The efficiency and reliability of money and ticket counters can help new casinos start off on the right foot.

December 15, 2014