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Boosting casino productivity with money and ticket counters

Boosting casino productivity with money and ticket counters

Enhancing productivity among employees at your casino may be as simple as equipping your establishment with money and ticket counters.

Gambling and gaming remains a popular industry in the U.S. According to the most recent State of the States report from the American Gaming Association, the country's commercial casinos earned record-breaking profits in 2016, taking in almost $39 billion. Gaming revenues, which dipped in 2014, were up by 2.2 percent. About two-thirds of states home to commercial casinos experienced notable bumps in terms of gross gaming revenue, and even regions that experienced declines saw promising upticks in many aspects of their gambling industries over the course of 2016.

For casinos to sustain and improve upon this progress, they need to provide their workforce with the proper tools and resources. That's where money and ticket counters come in: These machines are a foundation of casino staff support and can play an important role in boosting employee productivity.

Money and ticket counters give workers more time

Technology has condensed most administrative duties into simple, automated processes, which frees up more employees to invest their time into impactful, customer-focused work. In the casino industry, money and ticket counters are among the most important pieces of technology for cutting time spent on tedious tasks. When workers no longer have to devote hours of their shift to counting in the back room, they're less burdened and more able to provide exceptional service.

Money and ticket counters decrease the risk of error

Your workers are only human, which means every stack they count is at risk for being incorrect. In fact, human error is unavoidable when the responsibility of ticket and money counting falls on your staff. And any type of administrative error - especially those that involve people's money - can pose a major setback to the productivity and success of your business. As such, your casino can benefit from using cash counter technology. The accuracy and consistency afforded by these machines means you'll see fewer discrepancies and ultimately have fewer incidents that damage your reputation and efficiency.

Money and ticket counters can reduce stress among staff

It's also important to note that stressful workplace environments have a direct, negative impact on employee productivity. The American Institute of Stress reported that due to stress-induced, productivity-affecting factors, like absenteeism and employee turnover, U.S. businesses lose a whopping $300 billion each year. About 40 percent of Americans consider their jobs to be a source of stress. There are many aspects of working in a casino that could trigger stress, but being responsible for large amounts of cash is perhaps the most poignant. Workers tasked with counting money may feel burdened by the magnitude of that responsibility. 

When an employee is stressed and worried about making a counting mistake, his or her performance is bound to suffer - as is your casino's productivity. Adding money and ticket counters to your organization is a simple way to remove stress from workers, thereby improving workplace culture and rescuing productivity.

April 10, 2017